United Hospice of Rockland

United Hospice of Rockland was seeking to revitalize their web-presence as part of an overall PR campaign being masterminded by The Byne Group. On a tight deadline driven by the launch of an upcoming outreach campaign we worked closely with The Byne Group to render their carefully crafted design into the website you now see.

The site was built in Drupal and includes integration with Facebook, a dynamic events calendar, multilingual translation and a password-protected staff resource area. The site serves the dual purpose of serving both public and inter-organization communications.

The Byne Group recently launched an ad campaign incorporating print, web and video using a number of video sub-domains. We worked with them to implement access through advertisements featuring QR codes. A QR code is one of those black speckled square images that, when read by a special scanner as one might have on a smart-phone, directs you to a specific URL.

QR Code Web implementation

This is a QR code that points to