Mobile Websites

Mobile Smart-Phone Websites

More and more customers are surfing the web while on the go. Often times they just want to call you, get driving directions or perform some basic task intrinsic to your business or product.

Babyface Interactive develops Mobile Websites – that is, versions of your website configured specifically for easy navigation on a smart-phone. Often these sites are simplified versions of your main site with only the most essential mobile-enabled features.

These might include:

  • a link to dial your business’ phone number
  • a link to map your location
  • a web form to solicit basic visitor information
  • concise listings of upcoming events
  • essential information about your business or products

Our smart-phone enabled websites offer a simple, icon-based interface so when your customers visit your site on a smart phone they can quickly and easily access your most critical business information. The technology is such that, upon visiting your site, special scripting senses your customer's browser-type and redirects them to the mobile version. If they still want more information they can always choose to visit your full site.

While the concept of mobile websites is not new, they are becoming more in-demand and we’ve developed an inexpensive solution for all our customers with sites built on the Drupal CMS platform. We also develop solutions for non-Drupal sites so Call 845-675-7642 now for details.

For examples of mobile websites direct your smart-phone to or

QR Code Integration

You've seen those odd looking blotchy squares in ads and on your computer screen? They're called QR Codes and smart-phones can read them.

Place them in your advertising and use them to direct your customers online to your website where you might make a special offer.

Babyface can help you integrate QR codes with your site creating dynamic linkage between print ads and your website.

Check out the QR code below with your smart-phone (QR Reader App required).

Example of a QR Code