Interactive Web Apps

JavaScript Application Development

Babyface Interactive develops games and interactive web applications. While experts in Flash Development, the traditional medium for developing such applications we also provide JavaScript Development services. JavaScript Development has the advantage of not needing any plug-ins and unlike Flash, JavaScript is compatible with and will run on iPads and iPhones.

JavaScript Games

The RichardSolo Copter Pilot Game was developed for Amity Relationship Marketing. This JavaScript game was designed to be featured on a landing page as part of a promotion where users would be engaged playing a simple helicopter game and win a ‘prize’ upon successful completion. One of the specifications was that the game needed to run on iPads.

We've included a version of this game for you to experience: Try your skill at the Babyface Copter Pilot!


Babyface developed a custom financial charting application for ITR (Institute for Trend Research). ITR’s Brian Beaulieu wanted a dynamic charting system that could graph out years of ITR’s economic trend data formulations for a number of leading economic indicators. In addition to viewing the visual representations of economic trends, visitors can input their prediction for the next month in the cycle and see how their numbers track having applied ITR’s formulas on the fly. ITR’s charting application can be experienced at

Industry-Specific Calculators

Provide your customers with an interactive tool specific to your industry. We've built calculators to calculate mortgages (in English and Chinese!), pricing estimates for document scanning jobs and subpoena witness fees. We can build one for you too.

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