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Making a Statement - Babyface & MadCreek Launch Statements Boutique Website


If you’re in Madison New Jersey you have to stop by Brooke Accardi’s boutique, Statements. Otherwise, check out their new website – the latest addition to our portfolio -

Designed by the geniuses over at MadCreek Advertising (, this is a gorgeous, finely detailed design every bit reflects the high quality eclectic clothing, jewelry and accessories featured at Statements.

A Facelift for David Gregory


We’ve just launched the David Gregory School website at The David Gregory School is a Bergen County New Jersey school that provides customized educational programs to children with autism, pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), and developmental disabilities.

This project was spearheaded by Applebaum Associates ( the brand identity firm specializing in name development and visual identity located here in Nyack.

Babyface Goes Loco for Foco – FOCO Coconut Water Website Launches!


GoLocoForFoco launched today - and I can attest FOCO Coconut Water is the best coconut water I’ve tasted. It must be the single-source plantation and even though I sound like I’m pitching - I am – it’s really good! Also good (actually great) is the website design done by MadCreek Advertising (

Babyface is Mad For MadCreek


Deep in the forests of central New Jersey is this little advertising / creative agency bursting at the seams with creativity and ambition and on their way to being not so little.

AfterTalk – Social Media for the Afterworld


When Larry and Lisa first approached us with the concept we were skeptical. Larry described it as “a website where you could email your departed loved ones.” What are the domain suffixes for heaven and hell?

Analytics in Wonderland – What's the story?


Evaluating proposals for your new website redux? Here's a quick test to narrow down the field. Give each candidate in the running access to your site's analytics and have them walk you through what's currently happening on the site.

What do the numbers say? What's going on behind the scenes? Pluses? Minuses? What are some of the implications? What might be something that can be done in the new site that might improve some of the weaknesses?

Evaluating Proposals - The questions they should ask


So you have a couple proposals in front of you and you're trying to decide which developer you're going to hire to build your new site.

There might be lot of banter about technology and the latest greatest in SEO and all the latest hoo-haa that you absolutely must have or you'll be left in the dust.

Whatever you do don't lose site of the basics.

  1. What's the message?

    What are you trying to say? Who are you? What are you selling? What sets you apart from the competition?

  2. Who's the target?

Potato, Potato, Potato – Where's the Meat?


Good web design involves restraint and balance. Attention to detail and clear objectives are key. When designing a website we strive to establish a visual language that engages our visitors' attention, guides them to the information they're seeking and encourages them to act. By “act” I refer to making a phone call, buying a product, filling out a form, downloading a brochure or some other form of engagement.

Designing for the Web – Print vs. Web – Inches, Pixels, DPI, Oh my!

At Babyface we find ourselves working with many creative graphic designers coming from the "print" side – they're used to designing for print and not the web.

I've decided to do a number of posts on this topic of which this is the first, helping print designers make the transition to the web side of design.

One issue of confusion is how to convert inches to pixels or a 300 dpi design to a 72 dpi website.

September 21 - One Day for World Peace


The power of the individual is astoundingly unlimited and it is the individual upon which our world's future relies. The institutional powers that be are lost as demonstrated throughout history and we are reminded again by the recent debt ceiling debacle in Washington.

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